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It's prompt claiming time!!

Here it is! The prompts for all the domestic fic our fandom can handle. Have a look, see what appeals to you, comment with what you want. I'll mark it off the list and you're good to go! Claims close on FRIDAY.

OK. Ready? Claim!

Sam and Dean:

Sam and Dean play strip poker to settle the question of whose turn it is to do laundry.

Alternative WIAWSNB in which Dean is shocked to find himself living in domestic bliss with Sam (rather than Carmen).

A grateful woman they rescued from something or other, leaves Sam and Dean her house.

Sam and Dean retire and open a Roadhouse cum Bed and Breakfast for hunters, serving beer and whiskey in the evenings and making pancakes and eggs to order in the morning.

All the ways Dean says "I love you" without actually using the words.

Dean trims Sam's hair.

Sam wants a picture of he and Dean together.

Sam volunteers to coach a peewee soccer team.

Dean, in an apron, cooking dinner for Sam.

Dean holding a baby makes Sam swoon.

A serious injury to Dean forces he and Sam to stay in one place for a while. Unable to really do anything else Dean's stuck sitting on the balcony or patio when Sam's away and makes friends with the neighbor's kid.

Something happened to Lisa and before she died (or went away, something) she either admitted that Ben is Dean's kid or he isn't but she wanted Dean to take care of him anyway. So now Sam, Dean and Ben have settled down in Cicero.

Sam HATES to mow the lawn, so he think of lots of ways to bribe Dean into doing it.

How hunter skills are useful in domestic life.

Dean thinks he and Sam deserve a vacation.

The boys acting like boyfriends, and not because they have to.

The best part of Dean's day is snuggling with Sam in the mornings.

Sam watches Dean washing the Impala and decides maybe Dean needs washing too.

Sam and Dean are in an all night laundromat, they don't talk much, but there's an intimacy in everything they do.

Dean accidentally dyes Sam's clothes in the laundry. Pink.

Sam and Dean and a child....don't care where the child comes from...as long as there is reading of a fairy tale by one of the boys to the child...and the other boy watching...ideally this would include a fairy tale that has a much sexier telling when the boys are alone...

Dean learns to cook.

Sam and Dean discover the delights of a five star hotel - may include use of spa, an in-room massage or facial, contents of the mini-bar and a very very big bed.

Gobble, gobble, gobble. Dean, Sam and a turkey at Thanksgiving.

Why Dean Winchester would make the best boyscout Troop Leader ever.

Sam and Dean protecting a kid, having to go to ground in suburbia and pretend to be a family as cover.

Dean's spent the afternoon under the Impala and now Sam has to help him clean up.

Kid!fic in which Sam is the daddy and a most clueless daddy he is, needing Dean to teach him just everything... and hmm, the two daddies start to bond on a different level.

Kid!fic: Dean likes to entice the park moms by what a good daddy he is, but Sam always catches him at it, and then it's a trip to the woodshed when he comes home.

Washing the car on a lazy Saturday morning.

Posing as dogwalkers while on a case.

Sam is sick and Dean takes care of him.

Dean with a baby. Like, newborn baby, up all night, holding him/her, trying to get him/her to sleep, warming the bottle, Sam waking up to help.

Kid!fic in which Sam and Dean have to go to their child's school play.

Kid!fic: Telling bedtime stories (maybe about past hunts, each boy taking a different perspective, or adapting themselves into fairy tales)

The game of making the bed, as tight as possible, with little Sam still in it. Perhaps starts as John doing it for Dean, like Mary used too; then for both boys, and then Dean for Sam at 9 or 10. And then, when they're wrestling (big boy game) Dean traps Sam, and repeats it. Possibly leads to a first time encounter of different kind of bed activity, or not!

Dean helping his kid with an art project and Sam being SO PROUD and making them a special dinner to celebrate and then tacking it up on the fridge.

Dean and Sam taking a kid trick-or-treating. A really little one, like four, who finally gets it for the first time and wants to *run* from house to house, and is all excited about dressing up, and Dean is fiercely protective and competitive and muttering about the other kids' lame costumes ...

Dean is injured protecting Sam because Sam makes a mistake. Dean isn't injured badly but enough that they must stay in one place a while. Sam is very guilty so he keeps doing all these little things to make Dean feel better like watching an x-files marathon, bringing steaks home for dinner, finding a car show or something that he takes Dean to. All of the little things that we do in a day.

Jared and Jensen:

Jensen wants to go on a picnic.

Jensen sings Jared to sleep.

Jared and Jensen have to "play straight" for a CW New Years Eve party but Jensen is determined to get a kiss from his boyfriend at midnight.

It's a lazy evening. Jared wants to watch WWF, Jensen wants to watch a golf tournament. Who wins control of the remote?

Jensen is jealous of the attention Jared's dogs get from him, so he starts bribing them to love him more.

Jensen creates the perfect romantic evening for Jared.

Jared and Jensen go to the wedding of either Jared's or Jensen's sister, as a couple. Jared or Jensen (depending on whose sister it is) cries during the ceremony.

Jensen's apartment in Vancouver burns down, mold is discovered, there's a water leak, something that would require Jensen to move out at least for a while. He wants to move to a hotel, but Jared won't have it, since he just bought a house and there's enough space for the two of them.

Jensen and Jared and some lazy cuddling in bed or on the couch. Possibly even spooning.

Jensen proposes on NYE. There are fireworks.

Jared is sore, and grimy and dirty after long day of shooting and Jensen gives him a (bubble) bath and massage.

Jensen making breakfast in the morning after a long day of shooting the previous night for Jared and him, the dogs at his feet, and Jared watching.

Jensen has to babysit his niece, invites Jared to help, and Jared sees how natural Jensen is and wants their own.

Jensen and Jared furnish a bedroom for the baby they're going to adopt and enjoy the last few days they have for just the two of them.

Jensen buys sheets because they match Jared's eyes.

Jensen finds a bunch of home movies of Jared as a child and falls in love all over again.

Jensen asks Jared to go to the pound with him to pick out a cat, and Jared surprises him by telling the woman there that it has to be a cat that would be happy living with dogs.

Jared makes Jensen do something humiliating for couple bonding time. (knitting? poetry writing? dance classes?)

Jared and Jensen pick out a new bed together.

Christmas fic. With mistletoe!

Jared proposes. Jensen says yes.

Jensen getting Jared something with out thinking about it - coffee, food, etc - and then realizing Jared is somewhere else but then Jared is there (magic!)

Jensen taking care of Jared's dogs.

One of the mothers comes to stay with them for a week. Domestic life ensues.

The guys host a Texas BBQ for all their friends.

A very J2 Christmas - extra cookie for the use of the phrase "the true meaning of Christmas" or Jensen as Santa.

Jared and Jensen move in together. It does not go well.

Jared Jensen the contents of the fridge = hot food!porny sex.

Jared comes home to find Jensen sorting laundry in front of the machines, and he watches.

Jensen is hard to get up in the mornings, but Jared is persistent.

Jensen likes to walk around the house wearing Jared's shirts.

Jared and Jensen hiding gifts from each other and trimming a Christmas tree.

Jared coming home from a few days away to find Jensen cleaning -- dusting, vacuum out, the whole works -- in an old pair of shorts and a ragged tee. Welcome home sex ensues, with added schmoop.

Jared and Jensen cooking Thanksgiving dinner together for friends, making a huge mess and arguing about whose way of making mashed potatoes is better, and winding up groping each other right before people start to arrive.

Jensen flies into some airport after being away filming. Jared brings the kid(s) to welcome him home.

Jensen keeps trying to make the bed, but Jared keeps distracting him.

Jared loves the smell of fresh laundry.

Jared tries to bake a cake for Jensen's birthday. Apron optional, icing a necessity.

Jared/Jensen - cleaning dishes: one washes, one dries.

Kid!fic: Jared and Jensen have to make something for a school bake sale.

Jensen takes care of Jared's dogs.

Jared has bought himself a new house and Jensen brings over a housewarming gift. Himself!

Jared tries to be handy in the kitchen and fix a leak under the sink. Jensen is amused, watches and adds color commentary to the job. Water ends up every where, boys get wet and clothing must be removed.

The boys are hosting a party but one of them is horny and drags the other into a hall closet for a quick close encounter. Will they be discovered?

Jensen and Jared are single fathers. They met because their children keep on punching each other every day at school/daycare.

They give the dogs a bath. Bedlam ensues. The boys end up wet and soapy and a little hot under the collar.

Jensen buys a new bed. Jared makes sure he can fit. Sex ensues.

One of the boys takes care of the other while he's sick.

Jared and Jensen moving furniture into a their new place, pizza and beer at night sitting on the floor among the boxes. Candles, 'cause they can't find the lamps.

Jared or Jensen as a single parent of a child with issues (medical, behavior, whatever) the other as the pediatrician or therapist. Angstfest!

Jared just bought a new house and now he has to christen each and every room...with Jensen.

J2 really wants to buy an old victorian, fix 'er up over the summer, and move in. Decorating, fights over paint colors...maybe with paint.

J2 on a group trip to a lodge, with Mike and Tom. Based on an epic Boy Meets World episode.

J2 snowball fight. Involves the dogs, cold noses, snow angels, and warm hugs.

Sam and Dean or Jared and Jensen:

It's snowing outside so the boys spend a snuggly evening in front of the fireplace.

The boys go running together every morning.

Boys taking a nap together.

The remnants of dinner are still on the table...someone's feeling frisky...someone's kind of tired...but there're dishes to be done...

One of the boys buys the other clothes.

One of them planning the perfect way to pop the question.

A wedding/honeymoon fic where things don't go smoothly.

Porch swing!

Adventures in Cooking: taking turns in the kitchen, at first out of necessity and then in increasing one-upsmanship (most intricate or spiciest or most perfectly shaped pancakes or...)

Who knew vacuuming could be so hot?

Career Day at their kid's school.

Winter-ey domesticity -- snow, a fire, maybe a ski or sledding excursion?

The boys are running late for work/an appointment, and are trying to work around each other in the bathroom (shaving, teeth brushing, etc). Gentle ribbing and the promise of smexing later a bonus.

Foot massages!

Baking muffins wearing an apron (and nothing else).

Interviewing for a babysitter.

Early morning routine.

Fighting over the remote.

One of the boys helps the other shave.


Mary and John have a present for Dean -- a new baby brother.

Sam and Jess cook together.

Jensen and Chad pick up their son from soccer practice and take him out for ice cream.

Jared/Chad - A Vancouver blizzard has the boys keeping warm by the fireplace. Chocolate could be involved.

Chris/Chad, married with kids.

Bobby cleans house.

Sam gets used to the routine of staying in one place after he and Jess move into their apartment.

Jared gets hurt and is left alone in the care of Chad. Cuteness ensues.

NOTE: A few people have mentioned that they want to write stories not based on a prompt, or within an existing verse. That's fine! Just leave a comment saying what you're doing and hold posting until December 17.

Please spread the word that prompts are up for claiming. The more people we can get to play, the more domestic fic we'll have to roll around in next month!

Holler with questions. Y'all are AWESOME!
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